Instrumental Guitar Ballads (video)

Instrumental Ballads of the most important guitarist of diferent rock styles.

0:00 Farewell Ballad – Zakk Wylde
1:27 Tender Surrender – Steve Vai
5:23 A Night To Remember – Andy Timmons
11:57 The Wind That Shakes my Heart – Andy James
16:18 Wishfull thinking – John Petrucci
18:31 Heartburn – Marco Sfogli
23:17 Tears of Sahara – Tony MacAlpine
27:17 Soothsayer – Buckedhead
35:31 Remarkably Human- Nick Johnston
41:39 I Will Remember – George Lynch
46:06 Trademark – Eric Johnson
50:54 The Prophet – Gary Moore
57:52 Marooned – David Gilmour

Sorry, for copyright restrictions, this video isn’t available in some countries, the last video was erased by problems with joe satriani video, that’s the reason why there no appears satch.

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